Super Heroic “TMBLR V1”

Super Heroic   ,  a   new   company   based   in  Silicon   Valley,   has   used   technical   and   high   performance   design   to   create   a   sneaker   line   specifically   for  children,  to  encourage,  enhance,  and  enable  tactical  play.  The  inaugural  rollout  of  Super  Heroic  features  the  TMBLR  v1  sneaker,  the  first  of  a  larger  collection  of  products,  which  will  include  footwear,  apparel  and  accessories    –    enhanced   by    content,    technology    and   partnerships    all    pointed   towards    the   goal    of  encouraging  and  enabling  imaginative  play.

Super  Heroic  was  born  under  the  philosophy  of  giving  kids  a  new  uniform  for  play,  empowering  each  and  every  kid  (and  their  parents)  to  unleash  their  inner  superhero,  showing  families  how  to  tap  into  the  hidden  powers   of   play.   For   more   than   fifty   years,   children’s   playtime   has   been   declining.   Lack   of   play   affects  emotional   development,   leading   to   a   rise   of   anxiety,   depression,   and   problems   with   attention   and   self-­ control.  Super  Heroic  aims  to  reverse  this  decline,  one  play  day  at  a  time,  and  creating  collaborative  and  cross-­cultural  experiences  through  its  League  of  Play  events  around  the  country.

The  TMBLR  v1  is  the  first-­ever  performance  grade  shoe  specifically  designed  to  fit  the  needs  of  a  child’s  foot.   The   sole   of   the   shoe   is   made   to   navigate   multiple   surfaces   with   midsole   sidewall   traction   ridges   for  maximum   grip   as   a   child   is   climbing   a   slide   or   running   across   the   playground.   And   instead   of   laces,   the  TMBLR   v1   closes   with   a   utility   strap   that   provides   security   without   restriction   and   has   a   dual   density  midsole,   which   aids   multi-­directional   movement,   and   an   offset   durable   rubber   outsole   that   adds   stability  when   met   with   an   uneven   surface.   Its   unique,   silo   packaging   system   comes   equipped   with   a   backpack  that  morphs  into  a  cape  for  each  young  superhero.

Super   Heroic   is   available   for   pre-­order   exclusively   online   at   The   TMBLR   v1, offered  in  limited  quantities  in  sizes  12C-­7Y,  is  priced  at  $99  and  will  ship  starting  August  15,  2017.      

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