Undefeated James Bond Joins the advisory board of Chronicled, Inc.




Streetwear legend James Bond, co-owner of Undefeated and creative genius behind the most valuable Air Jordan collaboration of all time, has joined the advisory board of Chronicled, Inc., adding his name to the list of famous ‘sneakerheads’ backing the San Francisco-based company as it develops a first-of- its-kind technology to eliminate the growing problem of counterfeits in the market.

The company also announced the hiring of leading sneaker veterans and experts in various key roles. Bryon Sheng has joined the team as Chief Marketing Officer, and Ray Cruz and Rob Leo have joined as the key Sneaker Authenticators.

Mr. Sheng has previously led marketing functions for adidas, Nike, and Monster Headphones. Mr. Leo and Mr. Cruz are recognized as the leading sneaker authenticity experts in the United States. He brings over 20 years of experience and has earned the respect of athletes, celebrities, retailers, brands, and other sneaker industry leaders.

“I’ve been very fortunate to live out my passions through my career and honestly had no idea that the products I sold, designed, or marketed would have ever impacted so many consumers,” said Mr. Sheng. “There’s a powerful community of collectors, and people are paying high premiums for the rarest and most desirable kicks. Over the past several years we’ve seen so many high-quality fakes enter the market that it makes a lot people nervous about spending their money – it reduces trust in the community. Chronicled has developed a way to solve this problem, and I’m proud to be part of it.”

Most recently, Rob served as head of the Legit Check at Sneaker Con, the world’s largest sneaker convention, authenticating thousands of pairs of sneakers at the last 14 consecutive events in New York City, Miami, Chicago, LA and other major cities across the US. Mr. Leo previously served as General Manager of the flagship House of Hoops store in Midtown Manhattan and was recruited to join Footlocker’s corporate office.

Mr. Cruz, a 15-year sneaker industry veteran, most recently worked for the Footlockerorganization. During his tenure he ran stores in New York City, New Jersey and Florida; he served as Sneaker Con’s very first authenticator, and has worked closely with Mr. Leo for several years.

“We are excited to be able to bring together a team with such incredible expertise and
 knowledge of sneaker culture; these are leaders in the sneaker industry. It’s a true
showcase of the value of the technology we’re developing,” said Chronicled CEO Ryan
Orr. “Together we will protect consumers against counterfeit sneakers and strengthen
this passionate community of collectors.”

Mr. Cruz and Mr. Leo will authenticate sneakers for Chronicled at all SoleXChange
sneaker conventions nationwide over the coming year, as well as at “Weekend Freebies”
and by appointments made through the Chronicled App in the New York City area.
“When we first started Undefeated our main goal was to provide the best possible
selections. But as the marketplace grew at such a feverish pace, this created another
industry of counterfeit products. Thanks to Chronicled’s user-friendly product, consumers
can feel confident in their purchases again and I’m honored to join the Chronicled team
as an advisor to help them navigate this fickle marketplace,” said Mr. Bond, of

The Chronicled authentication service allows sneaker collectors to authenticate their
collections with encrypted, tamper-proof, smart tags proving authenticity and detailing
the unique history of each pair of sneakers, starting from the point of authentication.
Users can collect, display and transfer their sneakers on the Chronicled App with 100%
confidence in the authenticity of each item.

The collectible sneaker market is estimated at $1 billion annually and continues to grow as the “sneakerhead” culture gains popularity. However, fakes are a large and growing problem, and some sources estimate that as much as 90 percent of sneakers listed for sale online, via secondary markets, are counterfeit.

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