Zubits magnetic shoe closures

Zubits Kids Shoes


There’s a brand new and very innovative way to put on and take off your shoes without ever having to tie shoelaces again! Introducing Zubits magnetic shoe closures —  so you can slide your feet into your shoes as if the laces aren’t even there.

With Zubits there’s no tying, no squeezing, no knots and no floppy bows! Zubits magnetic shoe closures are threaded through the existing laces. Once you find your desired fit knot off the laces, then tuck or cut the excess, snap Zubits together and you’re done. With Zubits magnetic shoe closures there are no laces to come undone, double knot, trip over, unknot or get stuck in bike chains.

Taking your shoes off is hands-free… simply step back on your heel and Zubits will pop apart. Zubits comes in three sizes, six colors and are suitable for children and adults. $19.99 – $21.99 at www.zubits.com.


Zubits - Mens Zubits On Red Shoes

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