Destination: Tokyami – An interactive fantasy based streetwear brand inspired by anime and RPG gaming

Independent designer and fantasist Jimmy Yen is back at it after a short hiatus. However, with time well spent behind the scenes, Mr. Yen has collaborated with the very talented illustrator Ricardo Rodrigues (aka Waveloop) to bring us deeper into the story behind the fantasy based streetwear brand, Tokyami | FISH&KICKS. Launching a KickStarter campaign titled “Destination: Tokyami”, Mr. Yen plans to offer the first installment of a Tokyami manga style comic series that will develop the story as well as new designs. We will be able to explore an entirely new world with unparalleled characters and gain insight of how Tokyami | FISH&KICKS came to be. As we follow a young boy into his subconscious fantasy of Tokyami Island, we will be met by two unusual elder brothers Ryoshi & Baka. Ryoshi is the owner and master sushi chef of downtown Dendō’s famous sushi bar & sneaker boutique, ‘FISH&KICKS’. His surprisingly wise and always intoxicated brother Baka is usually out fishing to provide fresh catches for sushi. As we get deeper into the story we quickly find out that nightmares lie dormant in this young boy’s land of dreams.

In addition to this multifaceted fantasy we can also expect an array of new apparel designs along with a limited amount of the debut footwear release, the ‘Great Whites Pack’. An exciting yet very limited offer of custom variations of the ‘Great Whites’ sneakers will be available as well- the ‘Final Boss’ custom is anticipated to be a huge favorite.

“I grew up on anime and RPG video games, then later fell in love with sneaker/street fashion- namely the eclectic and individualistic styles seen in Tokyo. The idea was to create a brand with design aesthetics that would spark a nostalgic feeling for anime fans while also emulating the boldness and diversity of Tokyo street fashion. However, rather than just creating another brand with a particular theme, I wanted to add substance and depth to really expand on the fantasy aspect to the nth degree. If you just want to buy the clothes because you like the way they look, you can- but you’ll also have the ability to dive deeply into the fantasy on a very interactive level. Tokyami may have started as my fantasy, but I wish to invite others to make it ours. My goal is to see Tokyami grow into a collective fantasy that becomes a subculture for daydreamers of all types.” – Jimmy

Dendō City I.D. cards will be a fun and affordable interactive item featured on the KickStarter. Starting at $10 to $12 and $15, you’ll be able to create your own character info as well as select which of the seven districts you reside in. Each district has its own theme and residents of each will receive different perks at different times. In addition the I.D. cards will unlock promotions and interactive bonuses of different levels depending on the class. The classes are ranked by ‘visitor’, ‘resident’, and ‘native’.

Well it’s evident there has been a lot of time and thought put into the development of this fantasy based brand, and we truly hope to see it succeed in pioneering a new niche. Follow the KickStarter project Destination: Tokyami here


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