Nike Roshe Run “Kermit Meme” Custom by @GourmetKic​kz


With all the Kermit Memes popping up Chef decided to incorporate the hilarious memes into a simple custom Roshe Run. What started as an illustrated joke got so many likes on the @GourmetKickz Instagram account that the Kitchen could not help but put these into the oven!

The result is an all green Roshe Run Premium with a felt collar on the midsole channeling Kermit’s fancy collar and a pair of bright eyes that are unmistakingly Kermit’s. This custom borders on hilarious, ridiculous, and fashionable, something Jeremy Scott fans should appreciate.
The hilarity goes beyond the upper and midsole skirt as the heel pull tabs are affixed with Lipton Ice Tea tags and the insoles are customized with the images of Kermit and a meme GourmetKickz created. The nature of the Kermit meme punchline “But that’s none of my business though” is to point out a contradiction. In this case the contradiction reads “Your girl says she’ll leave you if you buy any more sneakers, yet she just broke her neck checking out MY kicks…”

Keep checking AF1King to see how Chef plans on selling these GourmetKickz.


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