Freewaters Fall Footwear Collection


Mendo BRN

These shoes are buzzing with style and provide serious comfort for anything your day has in store! Thanks to the newest technology in Freewaters footwear design, it is now convenient to own a shoe that is cushioned for comfort, dapper for work, playful for urban shenanigans and super lightweight and packable for any fall and winter excursions!

Freewaters products and ethos are dedicated to those that seek the freedom of the open road, act as global citizens and dare to chart their own path in life. Each pair helps support clean drinking water projects and comes with a stress-free limited lifetime warranty.

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Men’s Bodega Hemp (MSRP $65.00): Why hemp? Because it feels good, looks good and IS good. Some advantages of hemp include: sustainable production, fiber strength, naturally antimicrobial, great insulation properties and rich earth tones. With these great qualities composing the hemp canvas upper, with sponge lite construction, a toe bumper for protection, a raw zig zag finish and waxed laces, no wonder this shoe is durable for fall and winter conditions! Pack all this style with the ultimate super pillow insole for comfort and its extreme packable travel design, this shoe is a must have for any fall or winter weather. (100% Vegan)

Men’s Captain (MSRP: $65.00): Who would’ve thought to slip a camping pad inside of a shoe? Freewaters did! This genius idea has made the Captain by Freewaters the most comfortable shoe on the market. The Therm-A-Rest Technology provides instant comfort, soft grip, flexibility and air flow. Standing for days or walking for miles cannot be done without these on your feet. The Captain is made with sponge lite construction and a packable travel design so you can throw these into any carry-on or tight space in a backpack. (100% Vegan)

Men’s Gibson (MSRP $80): This stylish and urban style foot throne is the best shoe for rocking out in the city or on the boardwalk. The Gibson’s versatility is unmatched; it’s a light-weight, convenient, packable travel shoe that can go in your backpack for vacation or slip into your brief case for business travel. The super pillow insole makes the Gibson the best shoe for comfort and charisma.

Men’s Mendo (MSRP $85.00): Trying to look business savvy or surfer chic? We have just the shoes for you! Throw a pair of Mendo’s on your feet and roll. The Mendo fronts an urban keen premium suede top and wax laces for a chic business look on the outside and a mind blowing soft and supportive pillow on the inside. All the enjoyable qualities you look for in a versatile shoe are here! So make sure when you roll out of bed you grab the Mendo for whatever your day has in store for you.

Bodega Hemp CHR

Captain OLV


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