Nike KD 5 “KD Kush” Easter / 420 Custom By @GourmetKickz


With the recent success and popularity of Chef’s 420 + Easter themed “Kandy Kush” Foamposite  the creative cook behind GourmetKickz decided to continue the theme, this time using a KD5 Easter to rework. The result, this “KD Kush” KD5. Seen here the shoe’s upper remains relatively untouched except for some major reworking to the shoe’s bulky midsole and swooshes along with a lace swap.
We see Chef decided to re-mold the heel section of the midsole heel support by filling in the stock holes. He them re-textiled the midsoles with a gradient eggshell crackle pattern and his 420 Easter print, alternating the prints from left shoe to right. An egg-shaped bunny logo with pot leaf ears adorns the heels just like this shoe’s sister foamposite. The surprise twist is that the prints glow in the dark. The crackles glow brighter than the underlaying print giving off an amazing effect. The gradient 420 print glows with varying intensity along the gradient fades.
Will this be the last shoe in Chef’s “420 Easter” pack? Check out Chef’s site for availability.

Easter420-KD5-3T Easter420-KD5-2T Easter420-KD5-1T Easter420-KD5-8T Easter420-KD5-7T Easter420-KD5-6T Easter420-KD5-5T Easter420-KD5-Glow3T Easter420-KD5-Glow2T Easter420-KD5-Glow1Tevi

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