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Sneaker Match Mania - Jordan Edition - 01 (iOS)


Sneaker Match Mania’ is a fun, addictive and challenging match-3 game, in which your objective is to clear the grid by matching identical sets of sneakers. While it sounds straightforward and simple enough, the game is made harder as Hypebeast John and the mysterious sneaky sneaker will do everything in their power to make you fail! Thankfully, the game includes a Hint option, and if you match more than five sneakers at the same time, you achieve the Magic Shoebox that removes Hypebeast John in a flash! Tokens earned throughout the game can be used to upgrade with some awesome power-ups such as the Raffle Ticket that allow you to create any sneaker of your choice to help with your matching kicks. You can place traps and get clues as you progress, and for players looking for that “extra” advantage, in-app purchases are available.

Additional backdrops are also on offer, such as Mall, Miami, Sneaker Store, New York City and a Basketball Court. With dozens of levels and hours of unparalleled entertainment and fun, ‘Sneaker Match Mania’ has it all, including not one, not two, but three unique gameplay modes. ‘Level Mode’, ‘Timed Mode’ and ‘Endless Mode’, each offers a distinct gameplay experience Leaving you begging for more. And because the game brilliantly offers Facebook integration, you can play against and embarrass your friends with your phenomenal match-3 skills.

‘Sneaker Match Mania’ is available for download from here:

A version of the game is currently in development for Android. Further announcements and updates will be available soon.


Sneaker Match Mania - Jordan Edition - 01 (iOS) Sneaker Match Mania - Jordan Edition - 03 (iOS) Sneaker Match Mania - Jordan Edition - 04 (iOS) Sneaker Match Mania - Jordan Edition - 05 (iOS)

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