Nike KD4 “305” 1 of 1 Custom by @GourmetKic​kz


Chef of GourmetKickz loves his 305 theme, so much in fact that he has again revisited this recipe of palm prints, bright colors and tropical ingredients to create a KD4 “305”. This shoe embodies Miami Beach more than any other shoe from his custom sneaker pack. It features tropical palm prints all over the midsoles, straps and tongues. The base of the shoe remains grey with pink lining while the sole has been dyed to a glass black (having been green before hitting Chef’s Kitchen). The swooshes on the upper are painted aqua with pink stippling and the strap swooshes, well those are a whole other story! The strap swooshes and tongue emblems are a combination of sea glass, aqua stones, and seashells back-lit with glow material. Once the lights go out the shoe is transformed into a piece of art unto its own; midsole, strap, swoosh and tongue all glow in the dark giving this custom another dimension of character and appeal. The shoe is a 1 of 1 and is a size 11. It will be up for grabs via so if you crave a unique piece of wearable art hit Chef up and you might just eat like a Sneaker King.

KD4-305-5 KD4-305-7 KD4-305-4 KD4-305-1 KD4-305-10 KD4-305-11 KD4-305 KD4-305-14 KD4-305-13

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