Nike CJ81- Calvin Johnson’s First Signature Shoe


Calvin Johnson’s first signature training shoe, the Nike CJ81 Trainer Max is designed to amplify his powerhouse athletic ability on the field and his dedication off it.

The Nike CJ81 Trainer Max features adaptive traction, lockdown support and a cushioning system that will sustain Johnson’s grueling training regimen.

The CJ81 Trainer Max “Sandy Creek”

Baseball came naturally to Johnson as a kid, but Sandy Creek High School is the place where he fell in love with the game of football. The game didn’t come easily at first. Johnson struggled in his ability to catch the ball and almost walked away from the sport completely. The red, white and blue CJ81 Trainer Max “Sandy Creek” pays homage to the Sandy Creek Patriots and the coaching staff who helped him stick with the game, focus on his training and ultimately hone his skills to become the powerhouse athlete he is today.

Nike designers chose slick, smooth overlay materials on the upper as a nod to Johnson’s “slick hands” that hindered him from catching balls in his younger years. Johnson’s transformation in high school also mirrors the school’s motto “From Good to Great,” which is printed on the inside of the strap.

Sandy Creek High School recently retired the No. 81 in honor of Calvin, and he continues to hold a free community camp at the very school that helped him realize his dream.

The CJ81 Trainer Max “Sandy Creek” will be available starting June 29, and the

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The CJ81 Trainer Max “The Opening”

The CJ81 Trainer Max “The Opening” colorway launches on the heels of The Opening presented by Nike Football — the seventh annual ultimate football competition among the nation’s top high school prospects.

Johnson has defied athletic boundaries both on and off the field from an early age. His 6’5”, 236 lb. frame wasn’t likely to produce a 42-inch vertical leap or a 4.35 second 40-yard dash at the NFL Combines – especially when he wasn’t even able to catch the ball at the start of eighth grade. No one knew that his size, strength and speed would add up to an almost superhuman athletic ability. To that end, “The Opening” colorway honors Johnson’s great athletic feats.

The shocking contrast of volt with blue accents highlights Calvin’s “shock the world” performances – a phrase that is also printed on the inside strap of the trainer.

Small details are inscribed inside touting his height, weight, vertical leap, 40-yard dash time, and his mammoth 6’10” wingspan. Johnson’s “shock the world” performances were a signal of his arrival, and continue to be a testament to his training.

The CJ81 Trainer Max “The Opening” will be available July 10 at Nike retail locations and online at

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