Brokn Legend Spring/Summer collection


Contemporary hat brand Brokn Legend will launched its Spring/Summer collection recently on “The Great Escape” collection represents a man’s companion in his journey through life; declaring a hat as not just an accessory, but also as an essential.

The designs of Brokn Legend are rough around the edges yet effortlessly stylish to symbolize the individual who wears them. With styles including “The Traveler ($135),” “The Midpoint ($115),” and “The Wildlife ($115),” the collection exudes the freedom that comes along with wearing these tastefully rugged caps. “A man shouldn’t have to compromise, and by wearing Brokn Legend you won’t have to. Being able to be yourself is the ultimate luxury” says founder, Anthony Capt.

The brand’s mission is to provide its customers with the perfect everyday hat. This is achieved by a combination off vintage aesthetics, a classic shape and high quality materials to create an effortlessly stylish look for men that don’t want to compromise on quality but still want to look casual. Whether demonstrated in the leather backstraps and underbrims, strategically placed slogans, or simply in the distressed detail throughout, expert craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail is apparent. The patches see on Brokn Legend hats represent souvenirs picked up throughout life’s journey, while the high-quality denim used embodies one’s favorite pair of jeans kept and worn throughout life.

The name ‘Brokn Legend‘ challenges society’s belief that in order to be a legend, one needs to do something extraordinary; Brokn Legend believes that to be a legend, one must embrace a state of mind. The man wearing this hat is true to himself, raw at times, but always real. He sees the irony in the modern legend, and redefines it. He is “the other” kind of legend, the Brokn Legend. Available for purchase on the Brokn Legend website. Prices range from $115-$135;

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