Akage Apparel


Our line fits into the sneakerhead movements simply because we too are sneakerheads. It was only natural for us to combine the two things we’re passionate about. Not to discredit anyone, but its easy to throw a pair of shoes on a shirt and call it a day. By putting the shoes on the shirt you basically can only wear that shirt with those matching shoes. We didn’t want to do that. We wanted to do something more original with our designs and have the color ways of the shirts match certain shoes that come out. Even though our shirts feature a stick figure, the designs and ideas behind each shirt are creative. Everybody seems to be doing the same as far as creativity and design wise. Its like they see something that works for another brand and they try to imitate it without even trying to alter it. We on the other hand try to put out designs that people can look at and instantly relate to. We chose the stick figure because it’s everyone, black, white, red, etc., and no one specifically at the same time. “

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