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Deftronic has been a staple in the sneaker game for a minute – we follow him – we check his blog – it’s funny – its informative – IT’s REAL – His latest post touches on something that I myself have thought about and wondered – THE “Hype” in the sneaker game. Is it worth it? Read below, a great a read..a hell of a great read.

“..As I really retire myself from all that is the sneaker game, I just had some thoughts..

..Whoever doesn’t think the sneaker game needs changes is an obvious idiot, I don’t know how to change the game myself, but I know how to change the game within myself as a sneakerhead..

..As I pulled myself out the game, this past week, after taking a week off so far from twitter, I glanced at my timeline and I see the same bullshit over and over again, sneakers, complain about sneakers, talk shit about this person who does dumb shit within the sneakergame, raffles for sneakers, rape prices, people trying to trade forsaken things for sneakers, you know the usual shit, I also pictured myself being a part of this usual shit, which I admit I am, and most likely one of the forefront runners of it..

..I can say being out the game is definitely different, I don’t stress over sneaker bullshit, I don’t worry about whats the best place to raise the chance percentage of me obtaining the shoes I want, I don’t care about shit like I used to, this is how I changed the game within myself as a sneakerhead, don’t get me wrong, I wanted the barkley 180’s, I wanted the camo high sb’s, I wanted the Michael Chang pumps, but I simply just said “I’m good”, I wasn’t compelled to pull out my credit card and cop, I simply did not give a shit.

..This game is so contaminated with fuckery, it’s at the point where when our friends get a shoe, we fucking congratulate them for getting it, like it was the birth of their child, a promotion, or a graduation…we congratulate each other over obtaining a muthafucking shoe, if you really sit there and think how fucking ignorant this is, you’ll realize how fucked up the game is..

..Then we stress over fucking shoes, we go through the bullshit of getting them, we have our girlfriends or boyfriends, parents, wishing us “a get home safe” once we purchase the shoes from a store…you don’t even understand the concern my fiancee has for me when she knows I’m planning to line up for some shoes…seriously, think about this, our loved ones concerned over our well being because were purchasing a fucking shoe, Then we get the shoes and then were hated on, were called hypebeasts by people mad because they didnt get the same shoe..

..Maybe I’m weak, Maybe I’m not built for the negative aspects of the game or maybe I’m strong enough to back out the game and take a chill, maybe I’m strong enough to pass on kicks that I’d like to have..

..whatever the case may be, I know all this bullshit that now comes along with something so simple as it used to be like walking into your favorite shoe store on a Saturday afternoon after chilling with some Capt. Crunch and watching Tv for the morning, Is not necessary..

..I’m probably blabbering about shit, that’s been talked about over and over again, but since I’ve been asked repeatedly about why I retired or stopped copping kicks, I just wanted to express myself and let ppl know some of the reasons why I’m out the game..

..I hope you find some serenity in this sneaker game we love, Because I have..”


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